If You Have Been Struggeling To Discover The True Potential Of The Kettlebell Then The Hybrid Style Master Class Is For You


The world of kettlebells is dominated by two training styles called Hardstyle & Kettlebell Sport. Although vastly different in nature, they have been proven to work and give you the most bang for your buck whenever you pick up a kettlebell - if you understand them correctly and are able to differentiate between the two. For beginners, this task might be undestandably confusing. With this online kettlebell master class in +100 (video) lessons, you will embrace the emergence of the Hybrid Style movement where you will learn how to combine the best of both worlds - and become a master at handling the kettlebell.

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This Is What Our Clients Say About LS

“I've completed the German version of the Hybrid Style Master Class and I was blown away by Gregory's careful attention to detail. I am now preparing for my first Kettlebell Sport championship. ”

Academy Student

Rene P.

“I have lost over 30 pounds thanks to Lebe Stark and my transformation has been built for lengevity. Kettlebells are my tool of choice in my busy day as a self-employed hairdresser. It gives me the biggest bang for my buck for the time invested. ”

Studio Member

Maddalena P.

“In June I weighed 260lbs (118kg) and one year later I hit 172.5lbs (78.5kg) - a loss of 40kg or 87.5lbs. I appreciate Lebe Stark because of the balanced approach and Gregory constantly talking to experts who are in agreement. The biggest thing for me to learn is the need to rest and recover and how important it is.”

Academy Student

James "Jim" L.

After Finishing This Master Class, You Will Have Mastered 3 Core Essentials Of Kettlebell Training


  • Hybrid Theory Knowledge (Building The Fundamentals)

    You will have an ultimate understanding of how kinesiology, breathing styles, physics, exercise technique, human movement patterns and programming relates to the kettlebell. This will build your foundation to safely engage in kettlebell training; seeing it in the context of understanding the why behind it.

  • Hybrid Practice & Exercises (Connecting The Dots)

    Powered by a vast amount of detailed tutorials, you will grasp each individual concept of the 20 most powerful kettlebell exercises that you can do - with one and double kettlebells. Thanks to your theoretical foundation and form checks reviewed by the coach, you can connect the dots and discover groundbreaking information that's impossible to decipher if it hasn't been taught to you.

  • Hybrid Programming (Mastering The Stark Style)

    You will walk away from this course feeling confident to program kettlebell workouts on your own - with a technique that follows all the rules from the playbook. Independently and self sufficient, you're finally comfortable and secure in planning your own routines - backed by evidence-based knowledge from international leaders, athletes and revolutionarys in the field.

This Is What Kettlebell Experts Say About LS


“Gregory does an excellent podcast and I find him encouraging and insightful. I told him that I was put on this earth to help him become a better coach. ”

World Renowned Strength Coach

Dan John

“Gregory is a man with a vision and I'm delighted to see the student become the master. Even though he is still young, I can already observe him carving out his definite place in the kettlebell world. ”

Founder IKFF

Steve Cotter

“Gregory is technically sound and precise. He together with Angie is leading from the front and his impact in the kettlebell world can already be felt.”