The LSE curriculum

    1. MUST READ - Important Information & Medical Disclaimer

    2. How To Use This Master Class

    3. Join Our Private Facebook Group!

    4. Form Check Instructions & Guide - Step By Step

    5. EXAMPLE - Form Check

    6. The Original Kettlebell Hybrid | w/ Steve Cotter

    7. Kettle Beats - Music For Your Kettlebell Workouts

    1. Fundamentals Overview | What You Will Learn

    2. Origins & History Of Kettlebells - (w/ Denis Vasilev)

    3. Kettlebells - The Swiss Knife Of Modern Training Modalities

    4. Kettlebell Differences, Weight Recommendation & Progression

    5. The Style Continuum - What Is The Hybrid Style?

    6. The Biggest Advantage Of The Hybrid Style

    7. Recovery, Rest & Adaptations

    8. The Hybrid Mentality | w/ Brittany Van Schravendijk

    9. Kettlebell Science

    10. Quiz – Chapter 2: Fundamentals

    1. Hybrid Theory Overview | What You Will Learn

    2. Kinesiology & Movement - Basics

    3. Training Variables, Styles & Frequency

    4. The Stark Style Training Philosophy

    5. Progressive Overload Strategies

    6. COM & Moment Force

    7. Planes Of Motion & Mechanical Loading

    8. Cellular Respiration - The Basics Of Energy Transfer

    9. The Anaerobic Threshold

    10. Wrist Orientation

    11. Grip, Stance & Positions I

    12. Grip, Stance & Positions II

    13. The Unorthodox Grip

    14. Chalk - Should You Use It?

    15. Concept, Drill & Frankenstein's Monster (by Dan John)

    16. Basic Economics In The Context Of Fitness | w/ Kat's Kettlebell Dojo

    17. Quiz – Chapter 3: Hybrid Theory

    1. Practice Preparation Overview | What You Will Learn

    2. Kettlebell Safety Part I - Fundamentals

    3. Kettlebell Safety Part II - Lifting Guide

    4. 3 Basic Categories Of Kettlebell Exercises

    5. Breathing - Training & Recovery

    6. The Hinge - Most Important Movement Pattern Of Kettlebell Training

    7. Warm Up & Mobility Routine

    8. Advanced Warm Up & Mobility Routine w/ Sticks, Clubbells & Mace

    1. Grinding Lifts Overview | What You Will Learn

    2. 8 Basic Exercises Of The Grinding Lifts

    3. Deadlift, Row & Reverse Lunge

    4. Goblet Squat

    5. Double Handed & Single Handed Strict Press

    6. The Windmill

    7. The Turkish Get Up

    8. The Side Hinge: Correcting The Turkish Get Up

    9. Quiz - Chapter 5: Grinding Lifts

    10. Grinding Lifts - Form Check

    1. Ballistics - The Swing Overview | What You Will Learn

    2. Setting Up Properly - The Infamous Triangle

    3. The Swing - 3 Variants & 5 Features

    4. Demo & Tutorial - Hardstyle Swing

    5. Demo & Tutorial - Kettlebell Sport Swing

    6. Demo & Tutorial - Hybrid Swing

    7. Drills To Improve Your Swings

    8. The Single Best Way To Improve Your Hybrid Swing - (The Bottle Drill)

    9. How Funk Roberts Mitigates Shear Forces In The Swing

    10. Common Mistakes

    11. 7 Points That May Contribute To Back Pain

    12. Overriding Instinctive Behavior

    13. Quiz / Chapter 6: Ballistics - The Swing

    14. The Swing - Form Check

About this course

  • $997.00
  • 118 lessons
  • 16.5 hours of video content

LSE is Lebe Stark's "Level 1" of our trainer's education and offers alumni the title "Lebe Stark Educated"


After Finishing This Master Class, You Will Have Mastered 3 Core Essentials Of Kettlebell Training

  • Theory (Building The Fundamentals)

    You will have an ultimate understanding of how kinesiology, breathing styles, physics, exercise technique, human movement patterns and programming relates to the kettlebell. This will build your foundation to safely engage in kettlebell training; seeing it in the context of understanding the why behind it

  • Practice (Connecting The Dots)

    Powered by a vast amount of detailed tutorials, you will grasp each individual concept of the 30 most powerful kettlebell exercises that you can do - with one and double kettlebells. Thanks to your theoretical foundation and form checks reviewed by the coach, you can connect the dots and discover groundbreaking information that's impossible to decipher if it hasn't been taught to you.

  • Programming (Mastering The Stark Style)

    You will walk away from this course feeling confident to program kettlebell workouts on your own - with a technique that follows all the rules from the playbook. Independently and self sufficient, you're finally comfortable and secure in planning your own routines - backed by evidence-based knowledge from international leaders, athletes and revolutionarys in the field.

How You Will Get Personal And Customized Feedback On Your Technique

All practice-chapters will finish with a corresponding Form Check. In the Form Check, you will be required to film your technique, upload it to YouTube, write a small essay about what you have learned and submit the form as a PDF in the corresponding assignment form. This serves to review your form and give you corrective measures if necessary. Even though Form Checks are highly recommended, they are not mandatory to work your way through the course.

This Is What You're Signing Up For

  • Become LSE

    This self-paced course offers you a detailed, in-depth and carefully crafted deep dive into kettlebells you have never experienced before. You'll walk away from this course as "Lebe Stark Educated (LSE)"; feeling confident that you can transfer your knowledge to your clients as efficiently as possible.

  • Preprare for LSC

    If you want to take an even deeper dive into becoming the best kettlebell coach you can be, you've mastered your first step towards becoming "Lebe Stark Certified" (LSC). This is a separate, one-year mentorship.


  • Who is the certification course for?

    This certification course is for aspiring coaches who want to take their kettlebell skills to an elite level. The massive amount of informational value in this course is paired with an unmatched symbiosis of an easily digestable and understandable presentation.

  • How does the certification process work?

    LSE is a self-sufficient certification course mixed with live tutoring. After sending in all form-checks, completing the course to 100% and passing the required fitness test, you'll receive your certificate via Mail to your desired location.

  • How long do I have access to this program?

    Access is lifelong after purchase. You will NOT lose access after your 10-week run in your particular cohort is finished.

  • What is the price of the course?

    Option #1 is a one-time payment, where you will be charged $997 and save 20% off the regular price. Option #2 is a monthly payment plan where you will be charged $397 per month for three months.

  • I don’t know if I have time for the course, how long is it?

    You will at least have to dedicate 1-2 hours per week in order to fully grasp the material you're provided with.

  • What if I don't like the course after I bought it?

    All sales are final; there's no money back guarantee.

This Is What Kettlebell Experts Say About LS


“Gregory does an excellent podcast and I find him encouraging and insightful. ”

“Gregory is a man with a vision and I'm delighted to see the student become the master. ”

“I've watched some of Gregory's videos and I like this technique!”