Bypass The Frustration To Build Functional & Aesthetic Muscle

90 Gains Of Kettlebells is a scientifically based and proven training program, that will give Men over 30 the system they need to build functional as well as aesthetic muscle in only 12 weeks.

Let's be honest for a moment!

Unless you're a seasoned kettlebell professional, crafting a solid workout program can be tricky. 

Heck, even kettlebell professionals might have a hard time trying to create a kettlebell workout system that is geared towards building muscle.

Professionals, coaches and you (if you go after it yourself) have to understand the basics of muscle building and apply it to the unique characteristics of the kettlebell. 

If you're not savvy or careful enough, you might invest a lot of time, effort and sweat and end up without any kind of result or even worse, hurt yourself along the way. 

Let's bypass the frustration and take a shortcut!

90 Gains Of Kettlebells can help you build a solid, practical and aesthetic body in the comfort of your own home  - without having to spend hours at the gym.

All you need is a kettlebell (two adjacent weights to get the most of the program), discipline and dedication. 

In order to achieve this, we will follow a detailed, periodized approach that is backed up by cutting edge science curated by leading exercise scientist and "Hypertrophy Doc" Dr. Brad Schoenfeld. 

It's integral to mention that the best options to achieve the maximum amount of hypertrophy are found  in state-of-the- art commercial gyms: Machines, Dumbbells, Barbells and Cable Pulleys.

A commercial training facility however involves problems such as being stuck in traffic to even go there, costly memberships, global pandemics or waiting lines for your favourite training equipment on a packed Monday night. 

Bulking up like a bodybuilder can also be a limiting factor to other aspects of human performance and it's not what most Men over 30 consider an athletic, lean body.

Kettlebells offer a wide array of many additional benefits of human performance - and this includes building quality and practical (functional) muscle. 

It is nevertheless crucial that we understand how to tweak the intensity, volume, rest intervals, rep tempo, progressive overload strategies, angle, timing and exercise selection to create a winning formula with a crafty tool, that is normally used to build power and/ or endurance.

90 GKB has been carefully crafted to combine the differentiating nature of kettlebell training with a periodization model that follows all necessary guidelines to maximize hypertrophy. 

This Is What You Are Getting

A systematic, 12 week kettlebell workout system that can help you build functional and aesthetic muscle - designed for Men over 30

  • The system is based on cutting-edge, scientific principles curated by "Hypertrophy Doc" Dr. Brad Schoenfeld

  • 7 follow-along kettlebell workouts as well as nutrition protocols, that have been carefully crafted to maximize building quality muscle

  • 12 week periodization that includes three different cycles for an all encompassing workout experience that serves results

This Is What You Need To Bring To The Table

Aside from discipline and willingness to put in the work, there are a couple of prerequisites to fully benefit from this course

  • Even if this is your first kettlebell course, you need an existing fitness level that doesn't start at ground zero

  • Two adjacent kettlebell weights for maximum benefit. 8-12 kg for Starters | 12-16 kg for Skilled | 16-24 kg for Supreme. If you only have a single weight, there are certain aspects you need to adhere to that are outlined in the course material.

  • You need to allocate at least 1-2 hours per week to your training and nutrition schedule in order to maximize your result.

The Roadmap Of 90 Gains Of Kettlebells

    1. Important Information & Medical Disclaimer

    2. Welcome To 90 Gains Of Kettlebells

    3. How 90 Gains Of Kettlebells Works

    4. How To Use This Course

    5. 90 GKB Periodization & Workouts

    6. Measurement Guide

    7. Join Our Private Facebook Group!

    1. Weight Recommendation

    2. 10 Minute Warm Up & Mobility Routine

    3. Nutrition: How To Eat To Maximize 90 GKB

    4. How To Use Chalk

    1. M1 - Strength Phase - Workout A

    2. M1 - Strength Phase - Workout B (Deload)

    3. M2 - Metabolic Phase - Workout A

    4. M2 - Metabolic Phase - Workout B

    5. M2 - Metabolic Phase - Workout C (Deload)

    6. M3 - Hypertrophy Phase - Workout A

    7. M3 - Hypertrophy Phase - Workout B

    8. Understanding Intensity Sets

    1. Week 1: Monday - Workout A

    2. Week 1: Wednesday - Workout A

    3. Week 1: Friday - Workout A

    4. Week 2: Monday - Workout A

    5. Week 2: Wednesday - Workout A

    6. Week 2: Friday - Workout A

    7. Week 3: Monday - Workout A

    8. Week 3: Wednesday - Workout A

    9. Week 3: Friday - Workout A

    10. Week 4: Monday - Workout B (Deload)

    11. Week 4: Thursday - Workout B (Deload)

    1. Week 5: Monday - Workout A

    2. Week 5: Tuesday - Workout B

    3. Week 5: Thursday - Workout A

    4. Week 5: Friday - Workout B

    5. Week 6: Monday - Workout A

    6. Week 6: Tuesday - Workout B

    7. Week 6: Thursday - Workout A

    8. Week 6: Friday - Workout B

    9. Week 7: Monday - Workout A

    10. Week 7: Tuesday - Workout B

    11. Week 7: Thursday - Workout A

    12. Week 7: Friday - Workout B

    13. Week 8: Monday - Workout C (Deload)

    14. Week 8: Thursday - Workout C (Deload)

    1. Week 9: Monday - Workout A

    2. Week 9: Tuesday - Workout B

    3. Week 9: Thursday - Workout A

    4. Week 9: Friday - Workout B

    5. Week 10: Monday - Workout A

    6. Week 10: Tuesday - Workout B

    7. Week 10: Thursday - Workout A

    8. Week 10: Friday - Workout B

    9. Week 11: Monday - Workout A

    10. Week 11: Tuesday - Workout B

    11. Week 11: Thursday - Workout A

    12. Week 11: Friday - Workout B

    13. Week 12: Monday - Workout A

    14. Week 12: Tuesday - Workout B

    15. Week 12: Thursday - Workout A

    16. Week 12: Friday - Workout B

About this course

  • $147.00
  • 63 lessons
  • 23 hours of video content

This Is What Our Clients Say About LS

“Working with Gregory was a game changer for me. I've been able to change my physique in short timeframe; walking away with lessons I can apply for life. ”

“ I appreciate Lebe Stark because of the balanced approach and Gregory constantly talking to experts who are in agreement. ”

“Training with Gregory is a not only blast but an experience that has changed my way I consider fitness, training and building muscle. ”

Bonus #1 - Seminar with Steve Cotter (Value $1250 IRL)

3 Hour Video With The Master Himself

This 3 hour video will change the way you look at kettlebells in a profound way. Experience how Gregory & Angie got certified in 2019 and learn from the master Steve Cotter himself.

Bonus Workouts (Value $149)

Extra Workout Library

If you're looking for additional, high quality kettlebell workouts to follow up after your 12 weeks, we've got your covered with the Lebe Stark classics.

The School Of Physical Culture (Value $150/ Month)

Monthly Live Coaching

The "School Of Physical Culture" is a monthly live coaching session via Zoom that is offered to everybody who purchased one of our courses - free of charge! The lesson will consist out of technique classes, workouts, and support meetings to help you transform the way you move with the kettlebell. 

Meeting time is usually on Thursdays and varies between 5 and 7 PM CEST. The sign up link will automatically translate into your time zone.

Our Homegrown 30-30 Guarantee


At Lebe Stark Academy, we want you to make an informed, risk-free decision. If, for any reason, you're not 100% satisfied with your purchase after 30 minutes OR 30 completed lessons, just drop us an email. We'll refund every cent of your money - no questions asked.

Access our digital coaching platform from anywhere in the world.

Everything is delivered online, so you can access it from anywhere in the world with an internet connection. Our online platform is easy to use and can be accessed on your desktop PC, your tablet or smartphone.

This Is What Kettlebell Experts Say About LS

“Gregory does an excellent podcast and I find him encouraging and insightful. ”

“Gregory is a man with a vision and I'm delighted to see the student become the master. ”

“I've watched some of Gregory's videos and I like this technique!”


  • Who is this program for?

    90 Gains Of Kettlebells is a systematic training protocol for Men over 30 who want to build functional and aesthetic muscle in 12 weeks - without having to spend hours at the gym.

  • Who won't be happy with this course?

    This program requires discipline, diligence and hard work. If you are not willing to allocate at least 1-2 hours per week to your training, this program isn't for you.

  • How does 90 Gains Of Kettlebells work?

    90 GKB includes a scientifically based formula for building muscle while integrating and respecting the unique nature of kettlebell training. All delivered to you through our online course system and follow along workouts.

  • How long do I have access to this program and what do I need?

    Access is lifelong after purchase. You only need a kettlebell - and a good reason to engage in changing your life.

  • What is the price of the course?

    The price of 90 GKB is $59 per month for 3 months. Save 20% with a one-time payment of $147 USD.

  • What do I get outside of the course content?

    A full, 3 hour seminar video with Kettlebell Sensei Steve Cotter, a bonus workout library as well as access to our monthly "School Of Physical Culture". Total value is $1549!

  • What if I don’t like the course after I buy it?

    At Lebe Stark Academy, we want you to make an informed, risk-free decision. If, for any reason, you're not 100% satisfied with your purchase after 30 minutes OR 30 completed lessons, just drop us an email. We'll refund every cent of your money - no questions asked.

  • I don’t know if I have time for the course, how long is it?

    It will take you 3 months to complete but you can go at your own pace.

  • How many spots are available?

    We'll open registration to a small number of new clients on a monthly basis.

On a Final Note

I‘m not asking you to say Yes or No today. 

I just want you to make a fully informed decision and that's something you do on the inside -  not on the outside. 

So you go on the inside and find out wether 90 Gains Of Kettlebells is valuable to you. 

If it is, that‘s when you decide to keep it because you are 100% committed! 

If it‘s not for you - no hard feelings! 

Just know that for whatever reason -  after 30 minutes or after 30 completed lessons you ain‘t happy, I ain‘t happy! 

Just say so and you will get your money back and keep the bonus you've already received as a parting gift.

I only want to keep your money if you‘re happy with what we delivered to you. 

So on a final note, consider these two scenarios: 

Best case 

You've completed 90 GKB, trained for 3 months consecutively and have built quality and functional muscle alongside an athletic body - your journey of looking lean and mean is finally showing results and you're crushing it!

Worst case

You're not satisfied after 30 minutes (cold feet!) or after 30 completed lesson (bah, Gregory's teaching skill is pure garbage!) and you write us an email to get your money back; using our 30-30 guarantee - at least you've tried.. And maybe.. You're walking away with a little bit of something you've probably learned along the way.

Both options are risk-free. 

The only thing GUARANTEED not to help you at all is closing this page and walking away.. 

- Gregory from Lebe Stark