The Hybrid Style Master Class is a 10-week, practice-based online course that will help aspiring coaches & trainers takes their kettlebell skills to an elite level

The world of kettlebells is dominated by two training styles called Hardstyle & Kettlebell Sport. Although vastly different in nature, they have been proven to work and give you the most bang for your buck whenever you pick up a kettlebell - if you understand them correctly and are able to differentiate between the two. For beginners, this task might be understandably confusing. With this online kettlebell master class in +100 (video) lessons, you will embrace the emergence of the Hybrid Style movement where you will learn how to combine the best of both worlds.

Bypass The Frustration Of Bad Technique

Do you want to improve your kettlebell skills? 

With a proven and tried coaching system that gives you lasting results? 

Let’s be honest!

Unless you’re a seasoned kettlebell professional, understanding and developing proper kettlebell technique completely on your own without hiring a coach is a mission destined to fail.

I’m not saying this to make sales; I’m saying this because it’s the truth. 

I and other professionals share the same experience: When people get coaching who prior taught it to themselves, re-programming wrong, bad or even dangerous movement patterns is the first thing we have to take care of. 

Not only does this cost additional time, effort and money in the first place. 

Unfortunately, many who visit us for the first time - after teaching kettlebells to themselves through watching videos - already suffered some form of injury. 

Please believe me when I say – I’m not here to condemn you if this was your experience!

In fact, I want to do the opposite and help you on your way to lasting results – because I know firsthand that getting coaching can sometimes be a humbling experience. 

It’s time to shift gears and build your kettlebell skills the proper and correct way, my friend! 

We have been fortunate enough to become kettlebell experts with our proven track record of lasting results in our studio as well as online. 

We’re working with kettlebell reformists, champions and legends such as Dan John, Steve Cotter, Brittany Van Schravendijk and Denis Vasilev. 

You’re looking at thousands of hours, reps and coaching sessions in the trenches in real settings with REAL people – who share the same painful experiences like you are experiencing right now.

Problems such as these listed below: 

  • Sensitive and rainbow-colored forearms from trying to learn the Clean. 
  • Lower back pain from improper technique in the Swing.
  • Chaffed-off palm skin from doing the Snatch. 
  • Confused trying to grasp the concept between the different kettlebell styles. 
  • Mobility and flexibility issues that stall progression. 
  • Not knowing how to build a solid workout protocol and how to progress it. 
  • Never really getting comfortable or feeling confident with the kettlebell. 
  • Scared by “Coach Harda$$” who is yelling at you to “just do it” like a Nike Sales-Rep.
  • Missing out on the important phases and “secrets” only professionals have been exposed to.

I know these problems not only because of our experience with our clients. 

I know them because I’ve had them myself – and I’ve tackled them one by one thanks to my Sensei Steve Cotter and multiple other experts I’m having conversations with.

All of our clients have overcome their setbacks and problems with a little bit of help from yours truly – and we know that you can do this too!

After Finishing This Master Class, You Will Have Mastered 3 Core Essentials Of Kettlebell Training

  • Hybrid Theory Knowledge (Building The Fundamentals)

    You will have an ultimate understanding of how kinesiology, breathing styles, physics, exercise technique, human movement patterns and programming relates to the kettlebell. This will build your foundation to safely engage in kettlebell training; seeing it in the context of understanding the why behind it

  • Hybrid Practice & Exercises (Connecting The Dots)

    Powered by a vast amount of detailed tutorials, you will grasp each individual concept of the 30 most powerful kettlebell exercises that you can do - with one and double kettlebells. Thanks to your theoretical foundation and form checks reviewed by the coach, you can connect the dots and discover groundbreaking information that's impossible to decipher if it hasn't been taught to you.

  • Hybrid Programming (Mastering The Stark Style)

    You will walk away from this course feeling confident to program kettlebell workouts on your own - with a technique that follows all the rules from the playbook. Independently and self sufficient, you're finally comfortable and secure in planning your own routines - backed by evidence-based knowledge from international leaders, athletes and revolutionarys in the field.

How You Will Get Personal And Customized Feedback On Your Technique

All practice-chapters will finish with a corresponding Form Check. In the Form Check, you will be required to film your technique, upload it to YouTube, write a small essay about what you have learned and submit the form as a PDF in the corresponding assignment form. This serves to review your form and give you corrective measures if necessary. Even though Form Checks are highly recommended, they are not mandatory to work your way through the course.

Hi, My Name Is Gregory Dzemaili

I Wasn't Always The Kettlebell Expert.. 

In fact, I remember quite vividly the first time I've picked up the 20 kg kettlebell as I was preparing for Steve Cotter's IKFF certifications - and immediately being scared of it! 

How am I supposed to be hoisting TWO of those things 40 times? Oh, as well as snatching one of them for 100 REPS? All without putting them down?!

But I'm getting ahead of myself; let me backtrack a little bit.. 

It All Started In February 2019

I've just settled the deal with Steve Cotter to fly him into my studio in Switzerland for private coaching to get certified.

This it It! 

The master is coming to visit us and there's no turning back now!

As I'm researching the fitness tests for both certificates of Steve Cotter's IKFF, I was approaching the 20 kg kettlebell. 

Imagine the shock of my younger Split-Training-Bodybuilding-Type-Me when I found out, that even the 16 kg is giving me a hard time trying to snatch it several times overhead.. 

Destroying my forearm, chaffing off my palm skin and leaving me in pain.. 

In my despair, I wrote Steve an email saying that I wasn't sure if I was going to make it.. 

Fast Forward To Certification Day In June 2019

As I was getting better with my training and technique, Angie & I finally managed to pull of the CKT1 test.

Yet, the BIG ONE was still in front of me.

40 Jerks.. 

100 Snatches.. 

With a 20 kg kettlebell.. 

A solid Russian BIATHLON.. 

And I'm still scared wether I'm able to pull it off.. 

I went in second because Angie passed her test before me.


Time to face the truth!

Let's go!

Everything was going according to plan.. 

Until the 36th rep where I briefly lost balance and Steve shouted "no count".

I went bizerk!

Almost losing faith in making the set.. 

Steve's input with "fast legs" and Angie's motivating screams gave me the second wind to reach the 40th rep.

With slashed upon skin (I called them "war scars" back then) during the 100-rep snatch test with the 20kg kettlebell, I was able to finish!

Thanks to the adrenaline, I didn't feel my bloody palm until after the set was done.. 

PS: Those memories still haunt me today in my nightmares..

The winning image after Angie & I both passed the certs!

Fast Forward To Today

Today we're reaching millions of views on our YouTube channel. 

We're teaching hundreds of clients on a local as well as international level. 

We've invested thousands of hours and hundreds of workouts to master the art of kettlebell training. 

I didn't shy back from re-considering my opinions on kettlebell training, re-shaping my thoughts or changing my views while I was talking to international experts from all around the world.

I'm proud to be standing on the shoulder of giants such as the likes of my mentors & friends Steve Cotter, Dan John, Denis Vasilev, Chandler Marchman, FitBritt, Funk Roberts, Kat's Kettlebell Dojo, Louka Kurcer and many more!

Whenever I pick up a kettlebell today, we both melt together into a single unit.

The 20 kg is now one of my working weights - and I respectfully consider this weight on the lighter side of things. 

The lessons it took me to reach this epiphany moment is EXACTLY what I want to teach you in this master class - in typical, detailed and passionate swiss-fashion! 

In over +100 lessons (in video, text, audio, quiz and survey format), I want to teach you what I've been able to learn in the last couple of years. 

And the best part?

You WILL receive live feedback from me through Form Checks, where I will review your technique personally. 

You can also engage with me and your peers in one (or all!) of our three live coaching sessions  - exclusively reserved for Hybrid Style Master Class students.

Reaching an elite level in kettlebell training is possible - and I believe that YOU can do it!

If I was able to master this ancient, bell shaped object from Russia and many of our clients did as well.. 

Then I'm convinced that YOU can too!

- Gregory

Chapter 1 - Start Here


  • Important information, medical clearance and general housekeeping to get started.

  • Discover the fundamentals of the system and get acquainted with our platform.

  • Why Lebe Stark is qualified to be your kettlebell expert - and a warm welcome message from your coach, Gregory!

  • Steve Cotter - the original Hybrid. How Gregory's pivotal moment of getting certified by Steve led to the Hybrid Style movement.

Chapter 2 - Fundamentals


  • Why the kettlebell is the swiss knife of modern training modalities.

  • Historical background, scientific landscape, shape, structure, sizes and recommended weights for kettlebells.

  • The kettlebell style continuum - Emergence of the Hybrid Style combining the best of Kettlebell Sport and Hardstyle.

  • Rest & Recovery in training and recommended Kettlebell institutions to get certified as a coach.

Chapter 3 - Hybrid Theory


  • Kinesiology, human movement and following the principle of Gray Cook from Functional Movement Systems: Move well. Move often

  • Deep dive into the Lebe Stark training philosophy also known as the "Stark Style", progressive overload, biomechanics, planes of motion and mechanical loading.

  • Physics, cellular respiration, and groundbreaking, technical knowledge related to kettlebell exercises and training.

  • Different types of Kettlebell grip, wrist & hand orientations, chalk, stance and Dan John's coaching principle.

Chapter 4 - Practice Preparation


  • Prepare your practice with our Kettlebell safety measures and our "spine-saving" lifting guide.

  • Understand the basic categories of Kettlebell exercises and get accustomed to the different types of breathing.

  • Discover the most important movement pattern in Kettlebell training and pick whatever suits you best in our warm up & mobility routines.

Chapter 5 - Grinding Lifts


  • 8 basic and most bang for your buck exercises of the grinding lifts. Taught in structured, easy to understand and detailed demonstrations & tutorials.

  • Master the Deadlift, Row, Lunge, Goblet Squat, Strict Press, Windmill, Farmer's Walk & Farmer's Life and the almighty Turkish Get Up. Followed by the playbook of rules originated by the IKFF, StrongFirst & Lebe Stark.

  • Complete your first Form Check by filming yourself, writing an essay about what you have learned and sending it in as your assignment. Receive clear, conscise and important cues from Gregory in return to improve your technique.

  • If you followed all the phases of the given technique, rules and proper breathing mechanisms, you will pass the Form Check. If not, go back to the drawing board for your second chance to get a passing grade.

Chapter 6 - Ballistics - The Swing


  • Discover the Kettlebell Sport, Hardstyle & Hybrid Swing and understand 5 crucial features to be able to distinctively tell them apart. This variant and feature breakdown is a Lebe Stark creation that you won't find anywhere else.

  • Master the different phases of the 3 most popular swing variants through deconstruction of complexity. Demos, Tutorials & Drills will help you along the way.

  • Discover how the kettlebell may help you ease lower back pain. Sift through the most common mistakes that we have been able to gather through experience with 100s of clients in real life.

  • Complete your second Form Check for review to pass the Swing. This second installment will be more difficult so make sure you get those reps in to master the technique.

Chapter 7 - Ballistics - Clean & Press/ Jerk


  • Master one of the best kettlebell exercises that works your full body and gives you the most bang for your buck: The Clean & Press /Jerk.

  • Understand the difference between the strict press, the push press and the jerk. All through a detailed demonstration with precise and clear instructions.

  • Say goodbye to rainbow-colored forearms and painful shoulder banging through discovering common mistakes people make when learning the Clean & Press/ Jerk.

  • Complete your third Form Check for review to pass the Clean & Press/ Jerk. This third installment builds on a perfected Swing so make sure your Swing technique is safe and strong.

Chapter 8 - Ballistics - Snatch


  • The Kettlebell Sport snatch is one of the most complex maneuvers you can learn with kettlebells. Here you will get the best information to learn this complex move - step by step.

  • Unleash your inner athlete through applying the right principles and discover the all-new hybrid snatch. This beast of an exercises mixes Kettlebell Sport & Hardstyle into one.

  • The snatch can be the most intimidating kettlebell exercise and rightfully so. To get a hold of the snatch on a less complex level, you will learn how to do the power half snatch.

  • This Form Check will require the most technique because it builds upon the Swing and the Clean & Press/ Jerk. Make sure you've poured enough reps into this exercise to make the fourth Form Check a breeze.

Chapter 9 - Kettlebell Doubles


  • Aladdin knew what he was talking about when he sang: "A Whole New World". This is exactly what you will discover when you pick up two kettlebells at the same time.

  • 9 Basic Exercises for Doubles are waiting for you to be applied in your next kettlebell training session.

  • Double Deadlift, Gorilla Row, Renegades, Double Clean, Double Press, Double Front Squat, Long Cycle and of course the Farmer's family. These are the exercises you will learn in this chapter.

  • Here goes your final (and longest) Form Check that will serve you to complete the final puzzle of kettlebell related exercises, that give you the best profits for your efforts.

Chapter 10, 11 & 12 - The Final Stretch


  • Chapter 10 will offer you a massive amount of bonus content. Discover all the winning variants of the basics, see how Louka Kurcer taught us the HS Swing and the Get-Up and download done-for-you workout plans.

  • Chapter 11 is a display to access all our kettlebell friends in order for you to engage with them on a voluntary basis.

  • 30 Days & 90 Days Of Kettlebells are included. These are our successful workout courses that will help you to combine all the knowledge you have learned in +100 workouts. You will immediately hit the ground running.

  • Chapter 12 is called "Live Lessons & Continuous Learning". This is where we continuously create new lessons and content that are relevant enough to be added into Hybrid Style canon. Live lectures for students included!

This Is What Our Clients Say About LS

“I've completed the German version of the Hybrid Style Master Class and I was blown away by Gregory's careful attention to detail. I am now preparing for my first Kettlebell Sport championship. ”

“I have lost over 30 pounds thanks to Lebe Stark and my transformation has been built for lengevity. Kettlebells are my tool of choice in my busy day as a self-employed hairdresser. It gives me the biggest bang for my buck for the time invested. ”

“In June I weighed 260lbs (118kg) and one year later I hit 172.5lbs (78.5kg) - a loss of 40kg or 87.5lbs. I appreciate Lebe Stark because of the balanced approach and Gregory constantly talking to experts who are in agreement. The biggest thing for me to learn is the need to rest and recover and how important it is.”

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Hybrid Athlete T-Shirt (Value $39)


Whenever you pick up your kettlebell to take it for a spin, work on your technique or film yourself for the Form Check: It all feels so much better when you wear our exclusive Hybrid Athlete T-shirt! Shipping? Again; on us - even if you live in the subsaharan desert! UPS is using rocket-powered camels for delivery as far as we know.

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Meeting time is usually on Thursdays and varies between 5 and 7 PM CEST. The sign up link will automatically translate into your time zone.

This Is What You're Signing Up For


    Discover the full potential of the kettlebell hybrid style in +100 lessons and say goodbye to rainbow-colored forearms, chaffed off palm skin and confusion. This self-paced course offers you a detailed, in-depth and carefully crafted deep dive into kettlebells you have never experienced before.

  • 30 Days Of Kettlebells

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Our Homegrown 30-30 Guarantee

At Lebe Stark Academy, we want you to make an informed, risk-free decision. If, for any reason, you're not 100% satisfied with your purchase after 30 minutes OR 30 completed lessons, just drop us an email. We'll refund every cent of your money - no questions asked. You can even keep the LS notebook, the T-Shirt and 30 Days Of Kettlebells as a parting gift.


  • Who is the Hybrid Style Master Class for?

    The Hybrid Style Master Class is a 10-week, practice-based online course specifically designed for dedicated trainers and aspiring coaches who want to take their kettlebell skills to an elite level. The massive amount of informational value in this course is paired with an unmatched symbiosis of an easily digestable and understandable presentation.

  • How many spots are available?

    We'll open registration to only to a small number of students that we have handpicked. Please apply above.

  • Why is there a "light" version of this course?

    This version of the HSMC is dedicated to people who aspire to be coaches. The light variant doesn't include drip schedule, form checks and a certificate of completion and is rather suited for beginners, who want to become kettlebell masters for themselves.

  • How does the Hybrid Style Master Class work?

    The Hybrid Style Master Class is a self-paced course mixed with live tutoring and comes equipped with a timed, 10-week drip schedule. Every week, we will release a new chapter that you can engage in. This time frame should be enough for you to work through the lessons, do some studying, digest the information and of course - film required Form Checks.

  • How long do I have access to this program and what do I need?

    Access to the Hybrid Style Master Class is lifelong after purchase. You will NOT lose access after your 10-week run in your particular cohort is finished. You only need a kettlebell - and a good reason to be willing to master the disciplines of kettlebell training.

  • What is the price of the course?

    We want to support your budget and spending through offering you two payment possibilites. Option #1 is a one-time payment, where you will be charged $997 and save 20% off the regular price. Option #2 is a monthly payment plan where you will be charged $397 per month for three months. We accept PayPal and Credit Card. Please be advised that after the initial release, the price will go up.

  • What do I get outside of the course content?

    You get two of our bestselling workout courses (30 Days & 90 Days Of Kettlebells), a T-Shirt, a notebook, live tutoring and free shipping anywhere in the world. The bonuses are worth $638! Please be aware that international taxes of each individual country may apply to the products we send to you.

  • What if I don’t like the course after I buy it?

    At Lebe Stark Academy, we want you to make an informed, risk-free decision. If, for any reason, you're not 100% satisfied with your purchase after 30 minutes OR 30 completed lessons, just drop us an email. We'll refund every cent of your money - no questions asked. You can keep the T-Shirt, Notebook & 30 Days Of Kettlebells as a parting gift!

  • I don’t know if I have time for the course, how long is it?

    You will at least have to dedicate 1-2 hours per week in order to fully grasp the material you're provided with. However, if you fall behind your schedule you will not lose access to the course.

This Is What Kettlebell Experts Say About LS


“Gregory does an excellent podcast and I find him encouraging and insightful. ”

“Gregory is a man with a vision and I'm delighted to see the student become the master. ”

“I've watched some of Gregory's videos and I like this technique!”

On a Final Note..

I‘m not asking you to say Yes or No today. 

I just want you to make a fully informed decision and that's something you do on the inside -  not on the outside. 

So you go on the inside and find out wether the Hybrid Style Master Class is valuable to you. 

If it is, that‘s when you decide to keep it because you are 100% committed! 

If it‘s not for you - no hard feelings! 

I want you to be fully informed - so go ahead and check out this 7-Day free trial where you can find out what this Master Class has to offer. 

Heck, who buys a house without first looking into it?

Just know that for whatever reason -  after 30 minutes or after 30 completed lessons you ain‘t happy, I ain‘t happy! 

Just say so and you will get your money back and keep the bonus you've already received as a parting gift.

I only want to keep your money if you‘re happy with what we delivered to you. 

So on a final note, consider these two scenarios: 

Best case 

You finally understand how to approach the kettlebell with a perfected, tested and tried technique. You're getting the most out of each one and every workout and you're crushing it!

Worst case

You're not satisfied after 30 minutes (cold feet!) or after 30 completed lesson (bah, Gregory's teaching skill is pure garbage!) - at least you're walking away with a little bit of something you've learned, our beautiful LS-notebook, a cool T-Shirt and a workout course as a parting gift. 

Both options are risk-free. 

The only thing GUARANTEED not to help you at all is closing this page, walking away and settling for status quo.. 

- Gregory